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Working With Us

The values we stand for at this company is what makes it easy to be confident we’re providing the best possible building experience for the client.

While we work with clients in all stages of construction, our strength is in ‘design assist’ where we are involved in the early stages of planning by working directly with an architect or designer to determine the best way to achieve everything on a client’s wish list. By having us on board right from the beginning, our clients have a better experience since we represent their best interest every step of the way. As a premium contractor, we connect our clients with top architects, designers, and planners. We have strong affiliations with local suppliers and building officials, and we can introduce our clients to the right people to ensure that their home is built exactly the way they want.

Distinct & Different


Our construction philosophy is founded on fostering a building experience you want to remember – and that starts with getting to know you. So, we begin every job by listening. That way, we better understand your specific wants, needs and desires, which we marry with our industry expertise to offer suggestions that will help you build the home of your dreams.

That’s why we love to get involved in the early stages of planning. When we get to work directly with the architecture or design team, we can ensure the project is based on achieving everything on your wishlist. 

For many of our clients, Ritchies Homes is their first stop, before the architect or designers. Because we have strong relationships with top architects, designers, and planners, as well as local suppliers and building officials, we can connect you with the best possible team of professionals to guarantee that your home is built exactly the way you want.

We take that same level of care and that spirit of communication with us through the entire build. From start to finish, our building process is an open book. Clear and timely communication is the cornerstone of our approach. While the unexpected will inevitably pop up at some point, which may lead to a lot of options and decisions to wade through, we are here to present the facts and offer our unbiased perspective so that you can have clarity in these moments. When you have the correct information presented to you clearly in real-time, it affords you the chance to make informed decisions and reduces any unwanted surprises or disappointments. Our goal is to empower you to feel involved and in control every step of the way.

Our team takes pride in executing both the design elements that are important to you, and in the relationships that we build with you along the way. All the way from our executive team to the tradespeople we hand select for each job, it’s not uncommon for our clients to make special bonds with our whole team. We welcome you to join us in what, we feel, is one of the most positive and satisfying work environments around.

Throughout the whole process, there was constant proactive and transparent communication, which is definitely the hallmark of Ritchie. Just really, really good communicators

– Charles Cleghorn

We are very proud of this project, and the end result. The Ritchie team was especially in tune with our thoughts and crafted us a home that was exactly as we wanted.

– Harlee & Shay Code

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